info 2023.01.20

【 Xcraft project 能装具 #5 】 手を支え…


【 Xcraft project 能装具 #5 】
素材となった袴帯は 帷縫製所 @tobari.sewing さんに相談し、仕入れました。
グレー色の菱形の格子状模様が甲冑のイメージに重なり、良いアクセントになりました ◇◆◇
The core part, which is most necessary to support the hands, is made from the material used in hakama obi, based on the image of the hakama of the user’s Noh costume.
I consulted @tobari.sewing and purchased the hakama obi that became the material 。
The gray diamond-shaped lattice pattern overlaps with the image of the armor, making it a nice accent ◇◆◇