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【 Xcraft project 藍染義足 industry…

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【 Xcraft project 藍染義足 industry collaboration #1 】
大阪にあります株式会社 冨金原義肢 真下 裕史] さん&ユーザーさんとコラボレーションしました!
このプロジェクトのGishi Designer
安田 伸裕] の活動に賛同頂き実現しました!
We challenged a new attempt to make prosthetic sockets using tie-dyed indigo dyeing fabrics into a “social implementation type”
We collaborated with Fukinbara Gishi 真下 裕史] and users in Osaka!
Gishi Designer for this project
It was realized by supporting the activities of 安田 伸裕]
I would like to introduce you to this initiative